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Natural gas is a very versatile fuel. It can power stoves, clothes dryers, hot water heaters, and heating systems. Gas is also highly flammable, though, and every precaution should be taken to handle all work involving your gas lines with as much safety and expertise as possible. This is why it is critical to work with trained gas fittings experts, like the ones at Sarsons Mechanical Services Ltd. The term “gasfitting” applies to a number of gas services, including gas line installation, gas line replacement, gas line piping within your home, and hookups to major appliances. We have been helping property owners attain the natural gas fuel they need for 20 years, and we know the codes and work it takes to perform all the work correctly and safely the first time around. If you are interested in using gas inside your home, or already have gas appliances and need assistance, don’t take unnecessary risks by attempting the work yourself. Instead, call our experts and schedule an appointment today.

Sarsons Mechanical Services Ltd provides gasfitting services throughout The South Okanagan and the surrounding areas.

Gasfitting Services In Okanagan Falls, BC - Sarsons Mechanical Services Ltd

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Why Use Natural Gas?

In a climate such as ours, it’s necessary to have access to fuels that will provide the heat and power we need for certain kinds of systems and appliances. When it comes to fossil fuels, there are three main choices: oil, propane, and natural gas. Why should you consider using natural gas over the other two choices? Here are some considerations to ponder:

  • It Burns Cleanly: Of all the fossil fuels available, natural gas burns the cleanest. This is because natural gas contains high levels of methane, and methane burns completely very quickly.
  • It is Very Accessible to Many Homes: Natural gas is obtainable by connecting your home’s gas piping to a main gas line which is usually in your street. While accessing the gas is easy, it is imperative to use only trained plumbing experts to gain access to the gas.
  • It Can be Used for Multiple Appliances: As mentioned above, natural gas can be used for a number of major home appliances, including your home’s heating system and even a whole home generator.
  • It Can be Cost-Effective: Natural gas is typically lower in cost than oil or propane.
  • It is Safer than Other Fuels: Natural gas has a very specific air–to–fuel ratio that is needed to attain combustion; this specificity makes it harder for a leak to ignite (although it can if left unattended).

We Provide Gas Piping Services In the South Okanagan

When you need gasfitting for your home, including gas piping or repiping, call the experts you can count on Sarsons Mechanical Services Ltd. You cannot put a price on safety, and allowing a person or company to work on your gasfitting without the proper certifications and expertise can mean inconvenience at best and safety concerns at most. If you have been looking to add natural gas to your home, or need service for existing natural gas systems or appliances, call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing professionals. Hire only a licensed gasfitting professional for all Natural Gas and Propane work. Our Gas Experts can assist you.

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